Welded Wedge Wire and Looped Wedge Wire for Foundry, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Paper and Pulp Industries


Individual wedge wire is built into panels by feeding cross rods through the loops of the wires. The whole panel is clamped together and made secure, usually by riveting over the cross rod ends. The finished sieve is therefore a grille made up of cross rods supporting profiled wires with loops. The usual materials are stainless steel grade 304, 316, 430 and mild steel. 


Wedge wire can be readily made up into full and segments of cylinders in addition to flat panels. The screening face may lie on either the outside or the inside of the cylinder, depending on the particular application. Curved wedge wire sieve bends are used to a considerable extent in chemical plants, coal and ore mines, abattoirs, cane and sugar beet refineries, vegetable processing plants, paper and pulp factories, and almost any process industry where de-watering of slurries and separation of solids from liquids is required. 


Harpscreen are pioneers in the development of wedge wire screens. In recent years a demand has grown for wedge wire assembled by welding. We have met this demand with the very latest in TIG welding technology.

Using specially developed machinery and advanced automatic welding, our welded type screens offer a wide range of apertures with clear and unobstructed open area.

This latest development uses 6.35 mm diameter cross rods or up to 25 x 6 mm flat bars welded directly to the profile wires. Cross rod pitch can also be varied to suit the application.

Reinforcements can be added if needed. This provides the strongest and also most cost effective welded wedge wire screens on the market. Usual materials are stainless steels in AISI grades 304 and 316, however metals are also available.

As well as the usual flat or curved screens, welded wedge wire is made into tubes and also cylinders, with radial or straight slots. The screen surface can be either on the inside or the outside of the cylinder, to give flow in-to-out, or out-to-in. Usually made in stainless steel grade AISI 304, however other grades are also available.

Welded wedge wire is used in a wide variety of general industry applications – please call for more details.

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Why Harpscreen lead the way

There is a time in business when cost is a major consideration when purchasing spares. Sometimes this is at the cost of quality and also service. I am amazed and impressed when we choose Harpscreen, we see quality, service and cost delivered every time without compromise.

Paul Mack, Barry Wood Plant Hire

Harpscreen’s service has been very efficient throughout the time I have used them. In addition, the screen meshes I request on a regular basis are good quality. Above all, I have good friendly communication between Lisa, the rep at all times. If there’s anything I require at any time, Harpscreen always do their upmost to ensure they meet requirements, in conclusion, it’s a pleasure working with Harpscreen.

Mark Rogers , Aggregate Industries Limited

Our business considers Harpscreen as an asset. They deal with a number of our Managers who get the professional and helpful assistance they require. Harpscreen assist us right across our business, in our drive to continuously improve our processes, throughput and also quality. Therefore, uptime isn’t compromised. They work together with us ensuring essential consumable spares are always on our site and readily available at short notice.

Kevin Needham, URM Group
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