For woven wire mesh screens, only the highest quality HIGH TENSILE HIGH CARBON STEEL and STAINLESS STEEL is used in the manufacture of Harpscreen woven wire mesh. 

The materials used are vigorously controlled to ensure the highest quality of product and that the specifications laid down by BS481, DIN 17223 and ISO 4873 are achieved as an absolute minimum. 

All of our products are manufactured in the UK and Ireland to meet our individual customer requirements.


The most commonly used screening surface. 

Used for screening and producing a regular shaped spherical or cubical material. 

This mesh is manufactured in both high tensile carbon steels and stainless steel. 


This type of mesh is produced with either a double or triple cross wire to give an even greater open area and higher production than regular or square mesh. Long slot mesh also decreases the risk of clogging or blinding. 

This mesh also provides a good alternative to piano wire or the speedharp type of screens, but they are much more robust and still give a high output. 


All of the above products are available in a wide range of apertures, ranging from 1mm up to, and including 150mm. Each aperture has a minimum of 2 wire diameter options to suit every application. 

1mm Aperture


Applications Include:-

  • Quarry Screens
  • Sand Screens
  • Recycling Screens
  • Trommel Screens
150mm Aperture


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Why Harpscreen lead the way

There are times in business when cost has to be major consideration when purchasing spares, in addition, sometimes at the cost of quality and service. I am amazed and impressed with the fact that when we choose Harpscreen we see that quality, service and cost are delivered every time without compromise.

Paul Mack, Barry Wood Plant Hire

The service from Harpscreen has been very efficient right throughout the time I have used them. In addition, the screen meshes I request on a regular basis are of good quality. Above all, I have good friendly communication between Lisa the rep at all times. If there’s anything I require at any time, Harpscreen always do their upmost to ensure they meet my requirements. In conclusion, it’s a pleasure to work with this supplier.

Mark Rogers , Aggregate Industries Limited

Harpscreen are a supplier that our business considers an asset. They deal with a number of our Managers and they get the professional and helpful assistance they require. Above all, Harpscreen assist us right across our business, in our drive to continuously improve our processes, throughput and quality. Our uptime is never compromised. In conclusion, they work together with us to ensure that essential consumable spares are always on our site or are readily available at short notice.

Kevin Needham, URM Group
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