Harpscreen provide bespoke mesh for architectural and decorative installations. These products are used mainly as facades, shade screens, architectural ceilings, metal draperies for walls, partition and staircase isolation screens. Our range of metal mesh for architecture are available in many different patterns. Architectural wire mesh is woven using rigid wire, or a combination of rigid wire and braided wire cable where a more flexible mesh is required. The specifications are determined by varying the spacings between the wires or cables and through the use of different wire diameters. We offer a wide range of mesh types for a variety of different applications developed especially for architecture, design and functional solutions. The design ranges are perfectly matched to their respective requirements. 


Easy to install, Harpscreen’s range of woven and welded mesh is the perfect solution for Balustrade panels and can offer a range to suit individual preference, complete with desired edging strip, and comply with Health and Safety requirements. 

Floor Gratings

Harpscreen’s Stainless Steel Grating is manufactured from high quality materials. The Wedge Wire finish is designed to complement driveways and tiled areas. The grating gives an attractive, elegant and prestigious feel to patio and drainage areas.


Examples of Mesh Options

  • 3mm (10g) wire and 2.5mm (12g) wire
  • Open area can be from 10mm – 100mm
  • High tensile and stainless steel wire
St. James
St. James
  • 2mm wire (14g)
  • 1.2mm open area
  • Stainless steel only
  • Triple shoot slot 4.5mm open area 100mm (W) 2mm wire (14g)
  • High tensile and stainless steel
St Anthony
St. Anthony
  • Same weave as our St. James mesh but a lighter weight. The different weights on this particular weave alters the way the light reflects completely.
  • 2mm wire (14g) 1.6mm open area
  • Stainless steel only
  • Double crimped wire (also known as corrugated)
  • 3mm wire (10g) 16mm open area
  • High tensile or stainless steel
  • 2mm wire 14(g)
  • 21mm slot (open area)
  • High tensile and stainless steel
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Why Harpscreen lead the way

There are times in business when cost has to be major consideration when purchasing spares, in addition, sometimes at the cost of quality and service. I am amazed and impressed with the fact that when we choose Harpscreen we see that quality, service and cost are delivered every time without compromise.

Paul Mack, Barry Wood Plant Hire

The service from Harpscreen has been very efficient right throughout the time I have used them. In addition, the screen meshes I request on a regular basis are of good quality. Above all, I have good friendly communication between Lisa the rep at all times. If there’s anything I require at any time, Harpscreen always do their upmost to ensure they meet my requirements. In conclusion, it’s a pleasure to work with this supplier.

Mark Rogers , Aggregate Industries Limited

Harpscreen are a supplier that our business considers an asset. They deal with a number of our Managers and they get the professional and helpful assistance they require. Above all, Harpscreen assist us right across our business, in our drive to continuously improve our processes, throughput and quality. Our uptime isn’t compromised. In conclusion, they work together with us to ensure that essential consumable spares are always on our site or are readily available at short notice.

Kevin Needham, URM Group
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