High Tensile Piano Wire Screens


Piano wires are the most efficient type of screening media, there is no material build up as there are no cross wires for fines to adhere to. Piano wire screens are ideal for fine screening sand, compost, gravel, topsoil, coal and other difficult materials where blinding makes screening difficult. Piano wires screens comprise of long wires with a number of sliding profiles which sit on top of the support bars.

Our piano wire screens have no cross wires, therefor they provide maximum open area. Also finer wire on this type of mat helps considerably with cutting damp product and keeping the screen clean. However, if you have a specific application where shards might contaminate your product then you would need to look at a woven wire mesh or self cleaning mesh as an alternative. We make piano wire screens to suit any type of plant, e.g. Powerscreen, Finlay, Sandvik, McCloskey etc and they are available in both High Tensile and Stainless Steel. Our piano wire screens are manufactured in only the highest quality high tensile piano wire and stainless steel to give long efficient life.

Factory tested

All of our piano wire screens are individually factory tested to ensure quality. All crossbands are moveable for easy location on your screenbox and are easy to install.

A wide choice

We have a choice of metal or plastic crossbands to suit your needs. Our piano wire screens have widest choice of apertures from 1.00 mm – 20 mm. Each aperture has a minimum of 2 wire diameter options to suit every application. 

Piano Wire Screens

  • Most open area of any screen type
  • Increases throughput over other types of screen
  • Able to screen fine soils, sand, coal and lime
  • Many apertures and wire diameters available
  • High tensile or stainless steel


The advantages of the multiframe

  • Multiframe uses the Harpscreen Multimat, which, is a modular piano wire screen. 
  • Piano wire section can be replaced when it’s worn, which therefore eliminates the need to replace a full size screen,
  • It is easy change modular screen sections, for instance, it can be changed without removing the frame. 

We offer the widest range of crossbands to suit your needs

  • They are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum life and superior performance for your screens. 
  • Similarly crossbands are individually manufactured to suit your screenbox and therefore are easy to fit. 
  • Superior tensioning system that can easily accommodate any type of screen – Flexi-harp, square mesh etc.
round plastic screen

Plastic Round

plastic square screens

Plastic Square

Steel Round screens

Steel Round

Steel Square SCREENS

Steel Square

Brands include:

Bivitec |  Kleemann  |  Anaconda  |  Terex  |  Sandvik  |  Maximus  |  Powerscreen  |  McCloskey  |  Portafill  |  Rubble Master  |  Metso  |  Spaleck  |  Binder

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Why Harpscreen lead the way

There are times in business when cost has to be major consideration when purchasing spares, in addition, sometimes at the cost of quality and service. I am amazed and impressed with the fact that when we choose Harpscreen we see that quality, service and cost are delivered every time without compromise.

Paul Mack, Barry Wood Plant Hire

The service from Harpscreen has been very efficient right throughout the time I have used them. In addition, the screen meshes I request on a regular basis are of good quality. Above all, I have good friendly communication between Lisa the rep at all times. If there’s anything I require at any time, Harpscreen always do their upmost to ensure they meet my requirements. In conclusion, it’s a pleasure to work with this supplier.

Mark Rogers , Aggregate Industries Limited

Harpscreen are a supplier that our business considers an asset. They deal with a number of our Managers and they get the professional and helpful assistance they require. Harpscreen assist us right across our business, in our drive to continuously improve our processes, throughput and quality. Our uptime isn’t compromised. They work together with us to ensure that essential consumable spares are always on our site and are readily available at short notice.

Kevin Needham, URM Group
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