Declogging rods are elastic polyurethane rods that are fixed to the screen. They work by using the machine’s vibration to move and bounce on the surface of the mesh, this avoids particles wedging and blinding the screen. The self assembly three pronged rods are fixed together with pins and they can also be configured to cover all or part of your screenbox depending on where the blinding is at its worst. They trail over the top of your mesh and bounce up and down with the vibration of the screen and knock off the material that is causing the issues.


Mobile rod

Mobile rod

  • 1 PU 3-way Arm
  • 3 PU Cylinder
  • 4 Pin
Fixed rod

Fixed rod

  • 1 PU Arm
  • 1 PU Cylinder
  • 1 Pin


  • 1 PU Arm
  • 2 Pin

Separator lengths:
135 mm and 400 mm

These components fix together with pins and can also be configured to cover part or all of your screenbox. They can sit atop individual screens, alternatively they also cover the entire area. In addition different separators widths are available. Fixing places can vary therefore this product highly customisable. The table below is designed as a guide only. Contact us for more information, our sales staff will be happy to advise you further.

Screen length Components
Up to 1500 1 fixed rod and 2 mobile rods
Up to 2000 1 fixed rod and 3 mobile rods
Up to 2500 1 fixed rod and 4 mobile rods
Up to 3000 1 fixed rod and 5 mobile rods
Up to 3500 1 fixed rod and 6 mobile rods
Up to 4000 1 fixed rod and 7 mobile rods
Up to 4500 1 fixed rod and 8 mobile rods
Screen length Components
Up to 1000 1 declogging rod
1000 ÷ 1500 2 declogging rod
1500 ÷ 2000 3 declogging rod

NOTE – To avoid tangling of separate declogging rods, they are joined using separators, according to the number of mobile rods. In addition, we do not recommend their use when screening with metallic meshes with a wire diameter smaller than 2.5 mm.

Brands include:

Bivitec |  Kleemann  |  Anaconda  |  Terex  |  Sandvik  |  Maximus  |  Powerscreen  |  McCloskey  |  Portafill  |  Rubble Master  |  Metso  |  Spaleck  |  Binder

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